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13:00 - 13:45 BST 26th April, 2023 Online

Unilever’s Journey to Logistics Optimization



Unilever is a world-leading supplier of food, home, and personal care products with 400+ brands and sales and distribution in over 190 countries. A key part of the global Unilever business is the logistics operations that ensures that 3.4 billion people are able to use Unilever products every day around the world. 

Given the scale and complexity of the logistics operations, Unilever have been looking at innovative ways to reduce logistics cost while continuing to deliver best-in-class customer service. Unilever was looking for a transportation management system that enabled them to not only reduce costs but optimize productivity, and be functionally inputted across all of their teams globally. 

With different teams requiring different solutions depending on the market they operate within, Unilever required a solution that could be operationalized both as standard across the company, as well as providing tailored solutions for many different requirements.


Unilever implemented Oracle’s Transportation Management Cloud across their global network of Unilever logistics which has been implemented with several other business-critical applications, including warehouse management system, enterprise resource planning, and transportation rate systems. 

With a global organization like Unilever, the global design of these projects is critical to ensure you have the right balance of standardization across the board, but the ability and scope to customize within different markets.

This project has enabled Unilever to utilize advanced logistics planning logic to better leverage cross-docking and load consolidation to support just-in-time delivery, and reduce the number of trucks required as well as inventory requirements.

The advantages of this have been twofold. The solutions of the project have enabled smarter decision making which has led to cost reduction by combining loads and using fewer trucks, as well as being able to spend less time generating and analyzing logistics data thanks to real-time information. 

Another positive outcome is the drive towards sustainability; a big focus for Unilever globally.  With better visibility of transport lanes and optimization of vehicle utilization, Unilever's logistics team is able to make smarter decisions that lead to sustainable actions such as reducing emissions through combining loads, as well as understand traffic to reroute and minimize miles, as well as cutting paper usage with the help of cloud operational functions. 

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