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Digital and Sustainable Transformation

Embracing the Twin Transition to Build Resilience and Innovation

June 19, 2023 • The Helicon • London

By adopting a twin transition strategy, companies can leverage technology and data to achieve their sustainability objectives. Instead of treating digital and sustainability as separate initiatives, this approach integrates both to yield significant gains in efficiency and productivity. The twin transition strategy has the potential to create a positive impact by leveraging data assets, and infrastructure, while accelerating sustainability efforts throughout the organization.


At TWIST we are bringing together a diverse group of leaders from supply chain, manufacturing, procurement, digital, finance and sustainability to discuss how to execute a Twin Transition strategy. 


Ready to start innovating the future??


  1. 09:30 10:00

    Welcome and Networking

  2. 10:00 10:30

    Keynote: Creating an ecosystem for digital and sustainable transformation.


    with - Sjoerd Blum | Chief Information Officer | Royal Schiphol Group 

    In this session, we explore how emerging technologies can work in parallel with sustainability initiatives to change the manufacturing and supply chain landscape. 

    • Leveraging tech and sustainability innovation to improve efficiency
    • Building value through new business models
    • Building the culture to support transformative change
  3. 10:30 11:00

    Panel: Creating the business case and demonstrating value in the Twin Transition


    with - Oliver Hurrey | Ambassador and Board member | Sustainable Procurement Pledge

    Vikram Singla | Strategy and Transformation Director | Sustainability Ambassador | Oracle

    Elena González Sánchez | Chief Energy Officer | ACCIONA Energia

    Dexter Galvin | Chief Commercial Officer | CDP

    Gerhard Strack | Partner | PwC

    Transitioning to a more sustainable and resilient manufacturing and supply chain system will require significant investment. Join us to explore how to build a demonstrable business case that can attract different financing models and funding sources that can help businesses make the necessary investments.

    • Measuring ROI in Twin Transition strategies
    • Finding funding and creating a business case
    • Measuring, validating and reporting on digital and sustainable investments
  4. 11:00 11:30

    Panel: Resilient Supply Chains as a by product of digital and sustainability


    with - Benjamin Schönfuß | Initiatives Specialist, Advanced Manufacturing and Value Chains | World Economic Forum

    Zbigniew Lewicki | Chief Sustainability and R&D Officer | Lipton

    Andrew Kinsey | Sustainability Operations Director | Mace

    Fred Akuffo | Partner | PwC

    Join us for a focus on how businesses can create agile and resilient supply chains that are better equipped to handle disruptions, both from a technological and a regulatory perspective.

    • Initiatives for building resiliency to reduce risks
    • What to prioritize in attaining resiliency in your supply chain
    • Cross functional collaboration to enable innovation and change
  5. 11:30 11:45

    Networking & Coffee

  6. 11:45 12:15

    Ebusco - a Fireside Chat on Disruptive Digitization and sustainability initiatives


    with - Arpit Gupta | Manager Continuous Improvement | Ebusco

    Jazz Badeshia | Director | PwC

    Paul Sloman | Partner | PwC

    Ebusco is a disruptive e-bus manufacturer whose significant growth is being fuelled by the innovative and smart utilization of data visualization through real time tracking, and a strong focus on sustainable business practices. This is an innovative story of Twin Transition strategies in action from a relatively new start-up making waves in the traditional world of bus manufacturing.
  7. 12:15 12:45

    Keynote: Sustainable Partnerships in Manufacturing and Supply Chain


    With - Phillip Kolb | Head of Global Environment & Sustainability Consumer Brands | Henkel

    Explore the importance of developing sustainable partnerships that can help businesses achieve their twin transition goals, from reducing carbon emissions to improving social and environmental impact.

    • Ethical procurements and sustainable sourcing strategies
    • Tapping into the extended value chain to drive change
    • Enhancing transparency and traceability in the manufacturing and supply chain industry
  8. 12:45 13:00

    Supercharging collaboration through sustainability


    With - Chris Holmes | Senior Vice President Global Procurement | Avantor

  9. 12:45 14:00

    Networking Lunch

  10. 14:00 14:30

    Keynote: Transformation Under the 4th Industrial Revolution - Sustainable, Digital & Social


    with - Rafael Cayuela Corporate Chief Economist EMEAI | Chief Strategy Officer & Chair EU Sustainability Leadership Team | Dow 

    Drawing on his role as Chief Economist at Dow, Rafael takes us on a fascinating journey where digital innovation and sustainability collide in the 4th Industrial Revolution - one which embraces the power of Sustainable, Digital and Social transformation. For Rafael, to create real change we need to look beyond the Twin Transition ( Digital and Sustainable ) to the Triple Transition, where Digital, Sustainable + Social Transformation combine to create a new world of opportunity.
  11. 14:30 15:00

    Panel: Achieving Talent Management to Address future work Challenges


    with - Gladis Araujo | Vice President, Global Supply Chain Strategy | Mattel

    Vineet Khanna | Senior Vice President, Global Head of Supply Chain | Nestlé (Former)

    Julie Searle | Partner | PwC

    Alistair Woods | Partner | PwC

    As the manufacturing and supply chain landscape evolves, businesses will need to adapt their talent strategies to attract and retain the skilled workers they need to succeed. This topic explores best practices for talent management in the twin transition

    • Retaining talent and its implications on business
    • How to incentivise STEM skills to build strong management
    • How to adapt to changing skills requirements

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