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Online Webinar Series

Capitalizing on integrated planning for enhanced supply and distribution operations


Wolseley’s agile and incremental approach to transform the supply chain for delivering on improved customer experience


January 25, 2023 | 2 - 3 PM GMT | 3 - 4 PM CEST | 9 - 10 AM EST


As one of the UK’s leading merchants in plumbing, heating, cooling, and infrastructure, Wolseley has built an unrivalled reputation for their customer support, offering the highest value and a trustworthy service. 

Prior to 2018, Wolseley’s technology legacy systems were creating constraints for their supply chain and distribution operations, with proper planning processes not being a part of their core legacy it was difficult for the business to plan, delight customers and scale. 

Wolseley knew they needed to implement changes to their planning, inventory and supply capabilities, but required systems that allowed for incremental changes to be made ‘bit by bit’ as the business adapted, and transformed elements of the business.



Wolseley chose to work alongside Oracle for this transformational project, implementing the Oracle Supply Chain Cloud, which has revolutionized their end to end planning capabilities. 

With this first implementation going live in 2018, Wolseley has seen significant improvements in  the supply planning and procurement process, with 60,000 SKUs across 3 distribution centers, 700 suppliers and approximately £3 million purchases per day.

Key Achievements

  • Created a foundation for an overarching transformational journey
  • Standardized the toolset used for Demand & Supply Planning and Procurement
  • Upgraded the Distribution Center outbound flow
  • Managed inventory more strategically